COFFEE | October 28

Coffee Walking: Allegro Whole Foods (Toronto)

Kaye Rottingham

I may not "get" the whole Whole Foods thing, but I do know that they make great coffee! When the beans run out in the house and it's between market day (and nice outside of course) I will make the trek by foot all the way to Yorkville to grab some Allegro caffeine to fill my mokapot for the week.

And of course, the walk back to the waterfront is always nicer with a cup of coffee that I grab while there too. For beans I get the extra dark French roast, so smokey and good! For today's walking cup, the blend is the Italian roast. Can't go wrong, I think Italy knows at least a tiny bit about good coffee...  

As I exit Yorkville I enter onto the U of T campus to wander through the historic school buildings and do the Philosopher's Walk. 

And then this is where I make a right turn and head down Spadina Avenue through Chinatown, Kensington Market, past Queen Street and through King Street on to Bathurst, until I'm finally back home. That'll have to be for another Coffee Walk though.