COFFEE | July 23

Coffee Walking: Jimmy's Coffee (Toronto)

Kaye Rottingham

Jimmy's Coffee is one of my favourites in the city! I don't know if I ever walk by without popping into this place. There's usually always a long lineup from the office crowds, but they are super efficient with the order taking, so you are up to the front of the line in no time. The Jimmy Hendrix dark roast is my cup of choice.

The last time I went was the first time sitting in the new backroom at the Portland Street location. I remember going there a few years ago, before I had home internet, to book a tour using the wi-fi there. I sat outside and baked in the sun until my netbook computer overheated, shut down and would not turn back on. Panicked, I ran home and threw it in the freezer. Luckily it worked again after that. Anyways, that was an ok patio, but this backroom is way more nice, especially for doing work like that I'd imagine. Plus, they do still have a piece of the outdoor section for those who hate their electronics (or just enjoy being outdoors with coffee.)