TRAVEL | May 14

Oaxaca, Mexico Trip Report Part 10: Mazunte

Kaye Rottingham

Time to flex our muscles, we made it to the beach!

When we arrived, we did the usual of settling in and finding a place for some food. Mmmmm, more tlayudas and beer while watching the sunset over a magic beach town of Mexico.

In the morning, bright and early, we rushed down the hill to jump in a fishing boat for a whale watching tour. We didn't see any whales, but did get to see sea turtles swimming along leisurely in the ocean and more dolphins than you can shake a stick at. Like a machine gun load of dolphins jumping out of the waves! Despite the lack of whales, I was satisfied. Plus when the tour was over, we got to hop out of the boat for snorkeling!

Instant beach bums transformation.