TRAVEL | April 11

Oaxaca, Mexico Trip Report Part 2: Monte Albán

Kaye Rottingham

What's there to say about Monte Albán? It is a site of ancient Zapotec ruins and no one know why it was abandoned for sure. Judging by all the sacrificial alters and death games played in the ball courts, my guess is that they ran out of people to offer up during rituals. But, that's probably not true, and they probably all just got sick, ran out of food, got invaded or just got tired of baking in the sun all day.

The ruins are on top of the hill, hence the name Monte.

Maybe some of the stuff I said there is accidentally true, but I do know for a fact that it is a big open space, full of cool ancient structures and that the sun IS intensely hot with nowhere to hide from it. Well, maybe I could have hid in one of the burial tombs, but I'm not falling for that one....

P.S. You can probably tell that I opted out of the choice for a guided tour. However, there are plaques in English explaining many things. More stories of adventures in Oaxaca to come...